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Glass Block is a product that brings in the light and allows spaces to have character.

The one product that has stood the test of time in home decor is glass block.  Glass blocks are the perfect way to create light in a space or character in your kitchen or bathroom.  Glass Blocks are:

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Glass Block Benefits

New Features of Seves Glass Block


New self-cleaning technology reduces cleaning and maintenance costs. Invisible surface coatings contain hydrophilic properties that break down organic dirt and wash away rainwater, so the glass maintains a cleaner appearance over time.

Energy Saving

Seves Glassblock’s patented ‘Energy Saving’ technology introduces low-emissivity glass plates and pressure-controlled argon gas: plates are inserted between the glass faces to interrupt the thermal bridge, and argon gas is injected to reduce a block’s thermal transmittance to U=1.1 W/m2 K, saving energy and protecting the environment.

Solar Reflecting

Solar-reflecting glass block is made with protective cover films for applications, that protect against UV radiation and reduce overheating in the summer.

Popular Glass Block Patterns

Gorgeous Decor Statements
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We had an amazing experience with the staff at Glass Block Warehouse. Rick and Sam were on time, incredibly efficient and completed the job in a timely manner. We were so impressed with their workmanship and are so glad we chose them to install our new glass block window! Definitely give them a try!!

Brian G

Home Owner

So happy we found this place. Everyone is so helpful and we got the glass block shower wall we’ve always wanted!

Beth H.

Home Owner

They did a very nice job. It was done all in one day, and they kept everything neat and clean.

Anonymous from Angie's List

Home Owner

Pegasus Smooth

Take Advantage of Light

Get the light from the sun and save on energy with glass block.  The gorgeous Smooth Pegasus collection offers a wide variety of glass blocks in many sizes, colors and shares.

Pegasus Wavy

A Dash of Privacy and Comfort

Add a little charm and sophistication to any bathroom or other room in your home with glass block.  These charming little blocks can add a dramatic change to almost any space that needs it. This is the modern way to enjoy the classic glass masonry product that has been around for decades.

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