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Glass Block Warehouse is a proud dealer of Seves Glass Block Products.  While we don’t carry a ton of the color collections in stock, if you are looking for colored Glass Block Options, we may be able to special order these blocks in large quantities.  Contact our office to learn more about special ordering colored glass blocks.

Colored glass blocks are available in the 

Colored Blocks Available for Special Order

Glass Block Warehouse carries some colors, but most colors require a special order.  Learn more about the colored glass blocks on Seves website by clicking on the glass block you are interested in.

Pegasus Q19 Colored Glass Blocks

Smooth and wave glass design with invisible joints, allowing a continuous “all-glass” wall that emits brightness and light in all environments.A variegated range of colors, shapes, glass designs, and finishes for every need and aesthetic taste. Ideal for interior and exterior applications as well as stylish and creative architectural designs.

Pegasus Glass Blocks are available in:

New Colour Collection

The New Colour Collection provides endless ways to explore interior design through color. Vibrant colors wave glass design and metalized edges: a collection created to define interior spaces with the power of its bold tones, brilliant shades, and light effects.

New Colour Collection Glass Blocks are available in:

Mendini Collection

A new generation of building elements for interiors: the Mendini Collection in 16 colors, from the boldest one to black and white, both in different degrees of transparency, has been designed to enable glass blocks to generate chromatic and figurative arrangements. With smooth glass design and metallised edges, it is the ideal solutions to create impressive interior walls, full of personality and colour.

Mendini Collection Glass Blocks are available in:

Pegasus Metallised Collection

Pegasus Metallised is the glass block to use to create walls that are extraordinarily light and aesthetically refined. Ideal for striking interiors and exteriors, the metallised range is available in smooth and wave glass designs and in a rich variety of colours that, thanks to metallisation, acquire special brightness and luminosity.

Pegasus Metallised Collection Glass Blocks are available in:

Soft Shades Collection

A selection of 7 gentle tints of color: Azur, Pink, Green, Grey, Blue, Brown and Turquoise in wave glass design, designed to add elegance and delicate light effects. Basic Soft Shades glass blocks have three different finishings to adapt to all light diffusion requirements.

Soft Shades Collection Glass Blocks are available in:

MyMiniGlass Collection

ADD LIGHT AND PRIVACY FOR A TIMELESS LOOK. Enjoy privacy, light and just the right touch of colour.

MyMiniGlass Collection Glass Blocks are available in:

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