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About 6x8x3" Glass Block

6x8x3″ glass blocks are perfect for special projects in which character, warmth, and originality are the main attractions.  3″ glass blocks, in general, are more affordable than the 4″ glass blocks. They offer fewer finishing options, but, none-the-less, they display the attractiveness and appeal of glass block to your home. 6x8x3″ glass blocks are great for spaces that don’t meet the measurements necessary for 8x8x3″ glass blocks. Additionally, 6x8x3″ blocks are great for designing glass block mosaics with various sizes and shapes. 

Technical Data & More

When considering glass blocks for your project, it is important to have technical data to provide to your architecture to make the process more simple.  Seves offers a wealth of information on the website, but here are the dimensions, weight, and the number of pieces per box.  For more information, including the shading coefficient, light transmission data, or U-values, check out Seves website for more information.


5-3/4" x 7-3/4" x 3-1/8" in


4.4 lbs.


10 pieces

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Intersecting random wave pattern, provides an attractive appearance and excellent privacy. Smooth exterior surface for easy cleaning.
Nubio Bronze
Allows you to create a unique arrangement with subtle visual distortion while allowing maximum light transmission.
Random texture built over the Nubio pattern. More privacy but without a fixed geometric design. Cortina (Curtain in Italian) reminds one of a rippled winter scene.
This see-through block provides a dramatic grid effect, undistorted vision and maximum light transmission.
This repeated diamond pattern features a raised half sphere in each for a stylish look that also allows for privacy.
This repeated diamond pattern features a raised half sphere in each for a stylish look that also allows for privacy.
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Features of 6x8x3″ Blocks

The 6x8x3″ Glass Blocks are a part of the Seves Glass Block 3″ Thinline® Series.

In this collection, the patterns are Nubio, Clarity, Nubio Bronze, Diamond, Ice, and Aktis.

Solar Reflecting

Energy Savings


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